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The area of Compliance and Control Bodies specializes in providing advice to its clients in the public and private sector, in the prevention of legal risks in their operations that may generate legal contingencies and the eventual liability for sanctions, tax, disciplinary and reputational liability, on them and/or on their managers and/or directors.

Likewise, we legally represent our clients in the different processes and requirements of the different control and regulatory bodies (Administrative Authorities – CGR, Superintendencies, State Agencies).

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  • Compliance and Regulatory Risks.
  • Positioning and accompaniment before government authorities and stakeholders.
  • Accompaniment to public and private entities in the attention of requirements and proceedings before the different Control Organs.
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  • Contractual Compliance.
  • Corporate Compliance (Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Programs).
  • Fiscal Responsibility Proceedings.
  • Administrative and Contractual Sanctioning Proceedings.
  • Disciplinary Proceedings.

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What our clients say

Knowledge, effectiveness, efficiency, prevention, support and respect, fundamental pillars that have defined the Firm’s relationships and actions.
Carlos Ospina
Legal Leader of LN20
With the firm SAVVIA LEGAL we have worked on cases of interest to the community led by its director Javier de la Hoz, and the results obtained have been satisfactory, we achieved the goal generating benefits for our community.
Dairo Romero
Indigenous community leader
Union Matoso Village Arrow

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